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World’s Finest Interior Design & Furniture Store In Pearland, TX

Top interior designers at Brown Interiors have a goal to assist you with being able to express your personal aesthetics. Our interior designers work can create an environment that will emphasize a timeless but comfortable lifestyle. Our top-tier interior designers in Pearland have the skills to modify any place. For more information about our products and activities, including architecture and art, feel free to call or visit our office. We regularly share news and updates on social media, and we’re active in the community. If you have any questions or are interested in jobs, please do not hesitate to hire professionals.


We are a Full- Service
Interior Design Firm

Our commercial and residential interior designs in Pearland have a huge variation of home furniture manufacturers available for completing any home improvement ideas in interior design topnotch varieties that are right for you. Whether you would like only one room or a whole space decorated – we have the elite interior designers who produce fine jobs. Our firm, based in Pearland, Texas, focuses on attention to detail and has an excellent eye for designs that bring out the color in your home. Our leading group consists of functional interior decorators and passionate designers and architects who excel in the decorative design system. From our affordable choices to the latest projects, our world-class luxury interior designers from our crew and use your wanted design information to provide you with outstanding assistance. As a leading name among design firms, we take pride in transforming living spaces with vogue and elegance.

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Interior Designers

We will work with you to plan a personalized concept, organizing and prioritizing materials that suit your taste and your budget. As Houston interior designers, we specialize in interior design ideas for your customized homes. Our thorough approach ensures that we manage the total procedure, from initial preparation to bringing your concept to life, we incorporate a variety of stylishness disciplines. Our client’s philosophy has made us a leader in the interior architecture and design office, committed to providing an interior design trend that reflects your unique preferences.

Our first-class interior designers in Houston, TX have years of experience, and certified interior designers, combined with the resources we bring to you, guarantee that your plan will come together in both a beautiful and timely manner. Specializing in architectural design, we are meticulous and client-centric. We produce art tips and tailored furnishings for your Texas home. Incorporating both up-to-date and traditional elements, as well as modernistic art, we create interiors you’ll adore. Our highly recommend professional designers and servicing, to anyone looking to change their space with the influence of professional expertise.

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Our interior design studio is sure to stimulate your imagination and is filled with the latest trends. We aim to keep our items up to date and have the opportunity to show you many picks for each and every need. Our easy approach to design consideration means that we concentrate on delivering interior design and product resources. We also specialize in architectural designs to ensure comprehensive solutions in your living rooms or your house. On the other hand, things become more simplified and clean without losing their character. Sign up for an appointment to check out how we can modify your space with our innovative designs.

With industry-only access to wholesalers and manufacturers who produce exceptional lines of furnishings, we can source those specific materials that make the transformation complete. Designers in our office have a long time in the field producing terrific modish ideas for our clients, ensuring each activity yields wonderful jobs. Whether it is a single living room or a whole house, we are dedicated to delivering good value and remarkable designs that stand out. Our projects consistently showcase the great creativity that our clients have come to expect from our community.

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Featured Residential and Commercial
Interior Designs

Cream white Modern interior

House Remodeling and Renovation

We have a vast range of home furniture manufacturers available for completing any home design in interior design styles that are right for you.

Whether you would like only one room or an entire space decorated – we have top interior designers who produce quality work.

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Modern bright interior

Interior Designing and Decorating

Creating spaces you love takes planning and understanding. We have experienced staff to come up with a style that’s right for you.

Whether it’s a custom sofa, an area rug, or a table lamp, our team can provide an affordable solution to any challenge you have.

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Modern bright interior

New Construction Design

Brown Interiors has extensive experience with interior and exterior design for new home construction. Beginning with a floor plan consultation, and continuing through coordination we will lead you through the steps of creating your dream home. From flooring and lighting, fabrics and accent pieces, our famous interior designer company is here to introduce you to all the options and make sure you find everything needed.

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Beautiful Christmas Decoration

Holiday Decorating Services

Don’t know how to give your family and loved ones the atmosphere of a real holiday? We can receive the perfect magical atmosphere where everyone can experience the holiday mood. Literally in a day, we will transform your home with pleasant little things, taking into account all your wishes and ideas. Your should go with high-end furniture stores that offer design services because we specifically restock new holiday decorations every year with plenty of selection for every style.

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Custom Window Upholstery

Find the perfect window upholstery for you with custom solutions from the best interior designer in Houston, TX. Together with our home decorators and selection of curtains, you can perfectly complement your home and set the right atmosphere. Due to this, you can not only stylishly complement your setting, but also hide from prying eyes, so that you can calmly focus on personal affairs.

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