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Modern interior with big widow curtains

Custom Window Upholstery

If you want to see window upholstery that perfectly fits with everything in your home, then we advise you to turn to professional designers.

Window Upholstery

At Brown Interiors, we only work with experienced and creative employees who can revolutionize the look and feel of your home by simply choosing the right curtains.

We select an individual design of curtains that will perfectly fit into the design of your home. Thus, you will get a unique image of your home and interior, as well as much more privacy, so that you can calmly enjoy your business away from prying eyes.

Perfect window Upholstery
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With us, you can find the perfect curtains, blinds, or upholstery for windows that will complement the look of your ideal home. We will do everything so that the curtains harmoniously fit into your interior design and create exactly the image you want to see.

We offer a wide selection and assortment of curtains, blinds, and more. Due to the experience and professionalism of our team, you can be sure that any work we undertake will be done as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Besides, the quality of the curtain material is also crucial, and here at Brown Interiors, we can proudly say that we work only with the highest quality materials. So you can always choose from a wide range of products to your liking, or ask the help of professional interior designers so that they can choose the perfect combination of colors and materials specifically for you.

Together with Brown Interiors, you can no doubt find the ideal windows upholstery specifically for your budget and your needs.


The appearance of a house for our designers seems to be a reflection of the owner’s inner world, which is why we initially conduct a detailed study.

In it, we want to find out everything about your preferences and what repulses you personally to adapt the interior design entirely for you.

Besides, convenience and practicality are important to us in the same way as appearance. When we create any room design, we want to make sure that our clients do not want to leave this house and at the same time, so that it will serve you for many decades.


But we create not only the shell, but also fully decorate your house under your detailed supervision, so that everything in it, down to the small plants, is clearly where you would like to see them. And all of these services adapt, among other things, to your budget, so that when you finish creating your ideal home, you will not be shocked by the astronomical amounts.


Even at the planning stage, we give you a clear idea of how much that will cost, and of course, select the most adequate prices for you.

So that as a result, you get not just ideal individual interior design, selected especially for you, but so that you are satisfied with all our services.

Here you can choose the design that you always wanted or even the one that you never thought you wanted.

Together with our professional designers, we will select exactly the design that you will feel with all the fibers of your soul, and which you will never want to leave. After all, interior designisn’t something you see, it is something you feel with your inner self. And with our assistance, you can reach everything that you want to see and feel in your house of dreams.

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An important factor is also ensuring your privacy, as well as your personal comfort, when you sit quietly on an armchair drinking warm tea, not thinking about anything else, but how wonderful your home looks.

And so, with a custom window upholstery, your home will be significantly transformed, and the rooms will look much more stylish. And at the same time, you will feel many times more comfortable, knowing that your privacy is preserved, and the room is decorated with magnificent window upholstery.

Interior Design Features that
will Make Your House Look Special


We offer a wide range of services so that you can choose the option that suits you best. Our designers are always ready to provide personalized design advice, help with measurements, and can help with the maintenance and removal of existing window treatments. If you want maximum results and ensure the perfect look for your home, it’s always best to contact interior designers and get professional services to create an excellent look.

Window upholstery also a wonderful addition to the decor, that will perfectly suit both the windows themselves and the style of the interior. Our experts help you choose the perfect color, texture, material to make a perfect addition to your furniture and the room itself.

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Interior design can only be created by professionals in their field. And Brown Interiors prides itself on working with professional interior designers to create the perfect home just for you!

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