How to Recognize Quality Furniture

Any company can make its furniture look amazing. However, not every company can make high-quality furniture. High-quality furniture will last. It will be something that you will have around for a long time and that will look good for years to come without excessive wear. How can you tell the difference between high quality and low quality when you aren’t an expert? Here are some tips on how to judge the quality of your furniture, so you can assure you are getting a high-quality piece.

Wood Quality
Learning a little about wood can really be a huge help when it comes to judging furniture quality. You want a durable wood to be used, especially if the chair is all wood. Plywood can be fine, but it should have nine or more layers. Veneers are also fine, but the base piece needs to be solid or high-quality plywood.
Exposed wood should not dent if you run a fingernail across it. There shouldn’t be exposed knots, which are weak points in the wood. Any joints need to be put together with dowels or screws. Nails, glue and staples are signs of low quality. The ideal joints, though, will be mortise-and-tenon or dovetail. You should also check for rocking or squeaking and twisting if you lift a corner. These are bad signs.

Upholstered Quality
When the wood is covered up with upholstery, you have to take some other steps to make sure that you are getting high quality. You can look inside, though. If the cushions are removable, then take them off and check them out. They should be foam blocks wrapped in cushioning of some kind. The highest quality would be down, cotton or dacron. Look for or ask about special features in non-removable, cushioned parts. They should be sectioned off to prevent the compaction of the filling over time.
Sit on the furniture to make sure there is no sinking. Make sure there is resistance. Squeeze around the frame. You shouldn’t be able to feel it through the padding.
Overall Quality
You need to make sure that you look at not just the details but also the overall picture. You want to be sure if there is a pattern that it lines up in all places. Check for any signs of unevenness. If you buy furniture in Brown Interiors you will have a chance to discuss things with experienced professionals, which will give you a chance to ask questions.
Buying furniture in Houston can be a wonderful experience. However, you still need to keep an eye on quality. Check every aspect of the construction. Make sure that you ask questions and learn about how your piece will be constructed. Brown Interiors will be able to help you and share information with you about what products it will be using and how your furniture will be put together. In the end, you should end up with furniture that will be long lasting and durable.

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