A View To A Thrill: Swiss Alps Bring Drama to Vacation House by Wespi de Meuron Romeo

The first-time clients were initially shocked by the architects’ proposal: a cascading four-level house entirely in concrete. “Our houses relate to the hilly Ticino region’s traditional architectural language, which is old stone,” de Meuron said. “The concrete would have the same rough character.”  In Brissago, Switzerland, the kitchen of a vacation house by Wespi de […]

Small Kitchen Ideas & Design with Cabinets, Islands, Backsplash

With a dose of restraint to balance your kitchen’s small scale, you can proudly display a collection, hang window treatments, and accessorize your kitchen to reflect your style. Small kitchens do indeed have the potential to charm as much as their larger counterparts. Because visual clutter can minimize an already small space, approach your small kitchen interior design with the charge of keeping things simple. Color plays an important role in decorating the kitchen, especially if your bathroom in a flattering tone-on-tone palette that gives the impression of spaciousness. An attention-grabbing wall adds depth and style, and it will even highlight architectural elements particular to your room. You also can infuse color and pattern through window treatments, an area rug, or upholstery in a built-in […]

5 Great Floor Lamp Styles thanks for Inspiration We love floor lamps because they offer an easy, portable lighting solution. Here’s why: they don’t require you to hire an electrician, so you save on the cost of installation. They also save space, and can be moved around at any time to provide light in different areas […]

4 Classic Rug Trends. Get a New-Year Update Because you’re inspired by 2017’s fresh new start, it’s the perfect time to finally get to those touch-ups you’ve been meaning to make at home. Before you hit the ground running, it’s best if you start at the bottom and work your way up, which is why […]

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