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Loloi Rugs | Made in India

Eleven years ago, Loloi Rugs was a company with four employees, a small office in Dallas, Texas, and an idea. They believed that innovative design, an eye for detail, and a commitment to craft could produce truly distinctive rugs. Loloi didn’t set out to become just another rug company, not even the biggest. Instead, they wanted to be pioneers—to design and handcraft the world’s most original rugs.

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“Famous interior designers. One of the most broad and unique product lines in the world. Authentic materials and finishes. Great attention to details and features. Sophisticated and innovative designs. Handmade. Handcrafted. All shapes and sizes”

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

Brown Interiors and Loloi Rugs Introducing Magnolia Home Collection with HGTV Fixer Upper Star Joanna Gaines
Joanna is one of the most famous interior designers. She has thoughtfully designed each piece of the Magnolia Home line with family, aesthetic and practicality in mind. Her approach to design marries function and utility with the perfect level of relaxed sophistication. There is no denying that her authenticity shines through in every detail.

How To Paint – Little Billy Goat

Do-It-Yourself Painting Made Easy.
Allie Prewitt shows us a quick step by step process on using Little Billy Goat Paint! Little Billy Goat paint is easy to work with. It rarely requires any preparation, such as sanding or priming. In addition, it can be used indoors or outside on just about any surface such as wood, metal, stone, plastic, terracotta, and many more. It can restore old furniture, walls, ceilings and floors with ease! Contact Brown Interiors to get furniture paint today!

The Story of Lili Alessandra

Sandra Hernandez Yedor started her career in retail, thriving and working her way up the company ladder. All of a sudden, the company was purchased and its employees were let go. After much hard work and determination, Sandra was back at Square One.

She viewed this abrupt end as an opportunity to turn a page, reinvent her career, and follow her passions. Half a year away from the industry and one trip to Europe later, Sandra returned, reinvigorated, to start Lili Alessandra. Focusing on luxury fabrics and timeless design, the company began networking with high-end online stores and brick & mortar boutiques to sell their products around the world. A flagship storefront was opened in San Antonio, Texas, to display bedding collections and offer in-person service.